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iCanvas, the new agency division of iMedia Group, is looking for you to join our team as a social media manager! This is a mid-senior role which will work with other creatives as the agency grows. 

Job Description
  • Lead a team in a new division to grow

  • Manage our clients' social media accounts 

  • Ideate, strategise, and create social media content

  • Boost, optimise, and report using key metrics 

  • Be our trusted adviser when it comes to all things social media


Job Requirements

  • Social media is second nature to you - you know what trends are hot and simple hacks to engage with users 

  • A good communicator who understands how content works in the digital sphere 

  • Good content creation skills (English copywriting, design, video editing - Canva, CapCut and the likes are acceptable) 

  • Experience in analytics, troubleshooting, and reporting 

  • Experience in community management and social listening 

  • Experience in other areas of digital marketing would be a plus 

  • Agency background preferred 

  • Good leadership qualities - ethical, self-aware, responsible, dependable, and has a heart to develop those under you 

  • Team-player who communicates and works well with others 

  • Timely, responsive, independent, and level-headed

Interested in this role?

Drop us your resume at

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